We are a software company which is oriented by creating web pages for companies, implementation e-learing solutions and operate with important internet portal like LOAD.sk, LADY.sk, FILMY.sk, SPORTEXTRA.sk, AUTOMOBILY.sk, INFOSTAV.sk (portals in pilot service - DIRECT.sk, ZDRAVOVEDA.sk)

Our web servers are carried on LINUX platform. Guarantee of reliability and quality is administration an editorial system RedSys Avalanche 3.4 (system is full administrate through web).

We offer you a wide scale electronic services and complex internet advertising on our servers.

We are able to design and realise the best internet presentations and e-learings based on a customer's requests with modern graphic and programming tools.

We offer our clients publishing system AVALANCHE, that permit to create dynamic www pages and work with them through internet and you do not need any special tools. A big advantage of this system is, that when you create regular updating www pages, users with no HTML knowledge can also work with it.

We provide for our clients complex services connecting with creating and running our applications including web hosting and maintenace. Our aim is Your satisfaction with quality and good work.