Do you think, that www pages should be actuall and easy expanding with simple but complex programm, without  HTML language knowledge? Will you have finally possibility to edit them in your firm, check them immediately and do not pay for each smallness?

AVALANCHE is Content Management System for publishing content through internet. This publishing system is possible to create dynamic www pages and administrate them through internet interface (with no other special tools) without using no other special tool. Considering to complexity and vast of solutions is this system appropriate for content providers and companies, which needs to execute text materials on internet in large team, too.

AVALANCHE system was developed especially with accent on user comfort, intuity for control and security of data handling. Big advantage of this system is possibility of participale in creation and actualization internet www presentation to users with no HTML knowledges (HTML - programm language for www pages).

You can work with AVALANCHE system through internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator), communication is practised by secured protocol HTTPS. This model allowe to work safe with AVALANCHE system and updating internet presentation from any places you can connect internet. You do not need any special software for working apart from your office. All you need is access name and password.

Executing text, picture and appendix. Text is deposited in formular, that can lead an author through all appurtenances you need for correct data on internet or intranet. This data determine location of  contribution, date of issue, appearance, etc. - dependency on according to author. The AVALANCHE system enabled comfortable work with pictures and appendixes (e.g. files with video music, ...). Their deposit to database, connecting to text and easy announcement. The text saved in AVALANCHE is possible to search with fulltext browser, that is activated on precise and quick algorithm. The system content comprendious statistics and detailed processed help.

... and you can conrol your web.